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Gladiolus: August’s Official Birth Flower

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The official birth flower of August is the Gladiolus! It is one of the most gorgeous and vibrant summer flowers!  The  flowers grow from a tall spike lined with sharp leaves, like a sword! Which is how they got their nickname- “sword lily” that comes from the Latin name “Gladius” which means sword!

The gladiolus symbolizes love at first sight when given to someone, and that the giver’s heart is pierced with love.

The August birth flower symbolizes persistence, strength, grace, resilience, loyalty, faithfulness, and infatuation. The color of the gladioli also changes the meaning!


  1. White- Innocence, purity, resilience
  2. Red- Love, passion
  3. Yellow- Joy, Radiance
  4. Pink- Compassion, Infatuation
  5. Purple- Grace, Charm, Adoration

With its gorgeous vibrant hues, and deep symbolism, the gladiolus is the perfect flower to give as a birthday gift for an August baby. Say Happy Birthday with a beautiful gladiolus arrangement!


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