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The Best Flowers for Summer!

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  1. Dahlia


Dahlias come in a range of vibrant colors, sizes, and styles. There are 30 species and cultivars of Dahlias! These flowers bloom very beautifully and thrive in the summer. The common dahlia symbolizes inner strength, commitment to a person, and grace. It is also the birth flower of August!


2. Sunflower

sunflower blog.jpg

Sunflowers are a classic summer flower due to their beautiful color, size, and boldness. More than 60 varieties of sunflowers are found around the world in different shades. They symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity and are a wonderful addition to any summer bouquet.

3. Peony


Peonies are a very popular summer flower! These beautiful flowers come in every single color except blue. They start to bloom in late April and bloom well-into late June! They symbolize good fortune and are the perfect flower to add to your summer arrangement.

4. Cymbidium Orchid


The cymbidium orchid is one of the most popular and desired orchids in the world because of the sheer beauty of the flower. There are 44 species of cymbidium orchids and they come in a plethora of colors! Cymbidium is native of tropical and subtropical Asia. They add elegance and beauty to any arrangement, their bold hues and tropical look make them an ideal summer flower!

5. Gerbera Daisy

dasies blog

Gerbera daisies bloom all year long, providing bright color all year round. Gerbera daisies bloom in blazing red, bright orange, sunny yellow and various shades of pinks! Pastel colors include pale to medium pink, soft yellows, peach and light purple.

6. Hydrangea



The hydrangea plant is native to Japan, they bloom from the late spring through the summer. There are around 70-75 species of hydrangea! They come in blue, pink, white, purple, or yellow.

 Because of The Flower Factory’s location in Tarzana, California we are fortunate enough to have these blooms all year round due to the warm climate! Stop by and take a look at our beautiful variety of these summer flowers.



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