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Flower Traditions from Around the World

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Flower Traditions from Around the World

Flowers have been the focus of celebrations around the world for centuries. Known for their beauty and healing properties, they’ve been used to flavor foods, enhance perfumes and cosmetics, adorn hair, and decorate homes and gardens. Whenever someone wants to send well wishes, they select a floral arrangement and card to send to a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker.

Let’s explore different countries’ flower traditions to see how beautiful and expressive the rituals are:

  • The United States. It’s customary to give flowers during holidays, special occasions, and during times of mourning. In Hawaii, people are welcomed to the island by natives who place a flower lei around their necks. It’s rude to not accept or wear the lei as it is seen as a symbol of affection from the giver of the gift.
  • India. A big part of wedding ceremonies and other special occasions, flowers are a representation of all things that make the country great. Diversity, liveliness, and generosity are values encompassed by flowers. The Onam festival, celebrate in Southern India, consists of ten days. A flower carpet known as the Pokkallam is among the most notable and recognized feature of the festival.
  • Tahiti. Flowers play a big role in Tahitian culture. They use leis like Hawaiians do as well as crowns of flowers worn by female dancers at Polynesian performances and brides and grooms during traditional wedding ceremonies. Tahitians also decorate the beds of guests with hibiscus blossoms as a way of welcoming them.

Flowers play a big role in communities small and large. They add color, fragrance, and joy to people’s lives. Learning about other cultures and how they celebrate flowers gives you a greater appreciate for nature.

This is just a small sampling of how cultures use flowers. Take what you’ve learned here and share it with others. It’s fascinating to see others enjoy flowers just as much as you do.


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