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Five Flower Hacks That Make Getting Flowers Even More Exciting

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Five Flower Hacks That Make Getting Flowers Even More Exciting

If you love the look of fresh flowers and want to enjoy them longer, you’re in luck. The following ‘hacks’ make it easy to keep your arrangement looking its best for as long as possible. Follow the tips listed here for better bouquet management.

Here are five flower hacks you’ll be excited to try out for yourself:

  1. Make your own plant food using common household ingredients. Grab the lemon, sugar, and bleach to mix together and add it to a vase filled with warm water. It’s a quick way to keep your flower arrangement looking as good as the day you received it.
  2. Take the last remaining buds and place them in a decorative tea cup. Don’t forget to place the saucer underneath it. Make colors tie together by selecting a cup in a similar color scheme as your arrangement.
  3. Misting your flowers keeps them looking fabulous longer. Flowers draw their water a few different ways. It’s not only through the stems. A light mist now and then keeps flowers fresh longer.
  4. Fruit and flowers don’t mix. Keep the two apart. Fruit emits a gas called ethylene which causes flowers to wilt quickly. If you don’t want that to happen, keep your bouquet far away from the fruit bowl.
  5. Keep flowers away from appliances and other sources of heat. The bouquet dehydrates quickly which causes the flowers to wilt quickly. Although direct sunlight seems best, it’s not. As with artificial heat sources, natural heat dries out petals fast.


Now that you know how to protect your bouquet from wilting, you’ll enjoy the floral arrangement even more going forward. Place your gift in a visible location in your home or office away from high traffic areas where it might get knocked over. Also, keep it away from a sunny window and fruit as the objective is to keep your flowers looking great as long as possible.


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