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Five Trendy Vases That Display Flowers Perfectly

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Want to display your new flowers in a way that captures their beauty and essence? Why not try a trendy vase in your choice of size, shape, and color? With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down your choices to one or two. That’s what this blog aims to do. We’ve listed five of the most popular style of vases at the moment.

Some of most trendy vases sold today include:

  • The Light Bulb. A clever take on a household item, the light bulb vase is perfect for displaying a small arrangement of flowers or single buds. Clear in color with a screw on metal top, this style of vase sits on a flat surface or hangs from a piece of metal wire.
Photo Credit: DIY Lightbulb Vase by TheMerryThought.com

Photo Credit: DIY Lightbulb Vase by TheMerryThought.com

  • The Teacup. House flowers in a boldly colored teacup. Make sure the saucer and cup are glued together to prevent them from being damaged or separated from one another. Use teacups you already have or purchase some specifically for displaying flowers throughout the home.
Photo Credit: HomeDit.com

Photo Credit: HomeDit.com

  • Rope Vases. Hot glue rope around a tin can and voila, you have a rustic way of displaying your beautiful buds for others to see. It’s easy to make, attractive, and showy without taking away from the incredible appearance of your arrangement or bouquet.
Photo Credit: HomeDit.com

Photo Credit: HomeDit.com

  • Mason Jars. Who doesn’t have a few of these around their home? Even if you don’t have Mason Jars, buy some from the retailer of your choice. Better yet, search yard sales and antique stores for vintage jars. They have charm and a history. Paint them or cover them in glitter.
Photo Courtesy of TheSweetestOccasion.com

Photo Courtesy of TheSweetestOccasion.com

  • Watering Cans. A clever way to house larger flower arrangements, watering cans come in a variety of colors, materials, and patterns. Pick up a few while shopping this year. Add water, the flowers or plants of your choice, and enjoy.
Photo Credit: RusticWeddingChic.com

Photo Credit: RusticWeddingChic.com

Select a fun vase for your next arrangement of flowers. There are many options to choose from. Scour the internet for the latest trends and decide which appeal most to you. Creatively displaying flower bouquets and arrangements is easy when you have a cool vase decorating your dining room table or coffee tables.


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