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How to Choose the Right Flowers for Passover

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Passover is the perfect time of year to give flowers. Celebrate the annual holiday by ordering a gift for yourself or for someone you know. Floral arrangements are ideal for family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and employees.

The right flowers brighten the rooms they’re placed in. They give people something to look at and look forward to coming home to. The right arrangement lasts for weeks when cared for. By simply adding bleach or apple cider vinegar and sugar to water, you increase the longevity of holiday arrangements.

When selecting flowers for Passover, keep the following in mind:

  • Roses make everyone happy. Choose red, yellow or pink. Roses appeal to people of all ages. Their classic beauty makes them perfect for every occasion, including Passover.
  • Butterflies are symbolic of spring. Select a tin with butterflies on it. What better way to show off flowers than a patterned container? People admire the entire arrangement from top to bottom.
  • Colorful tulips make rooms “pop”. A little color goes a long way. Enhance the beauty of any environment quickly by adding a tulip flower arrangement.
  • Lilies are irresistible. Simple yet elegant, lilies are an excellent choice. No celebration is complete without flowers. They look great on desks, tables, and stands in homes and offices.
  • Sunflowers allude to warmer weather. What’s there not to enjoy about spring? Many people love sunflowers and what they stand for, sunshine.

Food and celebration go hand in hand. A gift basket or tray of kosher snacks is perfect for Passover. Place flowers and fruit baskets in break rooms and reception areas. Welcome people to enjoy them.

The right flowers make perfect Passover gifts. When selecting a bouquet or arrangement as a gift, think spring. What type of fragrant flowers remind you of the season? What details make the arrangement special and memorable?


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