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Why Do Women Love Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

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If you’re like most men, you’ve probably engaged in all sorts of behaviors to endear yourself to your lady love, especially on Valentine’s Day. You’ve probably written some bad poetry and sung a few songs off key in the hopes of impressing your paramour, and you’ve probably bought her flowers on Valentine’s Day at some point in your relationship. Giving flowers to your lady love is a timeless tradition, and there’s a reason why this particular strategy is so popular. It works.

Research originating from France, of all places, was just published in the journal Scientific Influence that indicates that act of receiving flowers can put females in a more romantic mood. Psychologist Nicolas Gueguen of the Universite de Bretagne-Sud officially confirms that the popular notion of flowers activating romance is not a myth at all. In studies performed at the University, Gueguen noted that 81 percent of single females responded positively to a proposition from a male subject when flowers were present while only 50 percent of females responded positively when no flowers were present.

Of course, scientific backing of this tradition only adds to the appeal of offering up flowers as a gift for your one true love on Valentine’s Day. Your lover may have ideas of her own, and your best strategy at eliciting happiness from her is to listen to why she loves to receive flowers from you. Like most women, her reasons may include:

Getting Flowers Makes Her Feel Special

The fact that you’ve remembered her on a special day lets her know that you believe she’s special and you’re not afraid to let others know how special she is too. Perhaps you’ve chosen to give your leading lady her favorite flowers, or flowers with special meaning between the two of you. You might even include a card with your gift letting her know how special she is.

She Loves to See Your Romantic Side

It’s quite likely that your love appreciates receiving flowers from you because it offers her a chance to see your romantic side. When you deliver your bouquet, you become her gallant knight in shining armor. You demonstrate that you’re not afraid to be vulnerable to her in private, or in front of others.

Giving your lady love flowers for Valentine’s Day is definitely a winning idea. You can’t go wrong with love and science backing you up. Flowers are a wonderful way for you to convey the true feelings of your heart to the woman you’re in love with. Go ahead and order a gorgeous Valentine’s Day bouquet from The Flower Factory!


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