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I Forgot About Grandparents Day…

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One of the saddest sights for The Flower Factory family is the wilted flower.

It seems that the world has passed by and the lonely flower remains unattended and forgotten.

Did you forget GRANDPARENTS DAY on September 7? Well if you did, you weren’t alone. Every year, millions of Americans hold on to the last rays of summer sun, scramble for back to School equipment, scurry to the stores for last minute treats and before you know it, another opportunity to remember our beloved grandparents passes without us taking time to acknowledge one of the least recognized of all holidays, Grandparents day.

At The Flower Factory we feel that every day is a good day to express our love and appreciation.

We are initiating a new Holiday:

The NEVER TOO LATE TO SAY WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU Holiday. This holiday comes around one or two days after every holiday that we forget, and we encourage you to take the opportunity to call your grandparents and just let them know that you didn’t forget them and that they are very special in your lives.

Just remember:



The Flower Factory


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