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The Tradition of Giving Flowers

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A simple gesture of love and appreciation that goes back thousands of years is the gesture of giving flowers

The recipient of a gift of flowers feels they are special and cared for and we at The Flower Factory are overjoyed to play a small part in this exchange of affection which dates back as far as the Ancient Greeks.

Did you know that the giving of flowers is so ingrained in the culture and history of mankind that it even has an official term, “Floriography”. This official term seems too technical and cold to represent the warmth and emotion associated with the giving of so special a gift as flowers.

Flowers have the ability to express sentiments and messages that no words can. The Victorians attributed different meanings and significance to different flowers and even wrote books to decode the actual meaning and intent of a gift of flowers. This made sure that the intent and meaning of the gift would be clear without the need for additional words.

The stunning beauty and transcendence of a beautiful arrangement of flowers has mesmerized and captivated civilizations for centuries and the ancient Greeks even associated flowers as gifts from their gods and gave it heavenly significance.

The tradition of flower giving crosses all geographic borders and is truly the last “universal language”

The French and English people discovered this tradition while visiting in Turkey. When they travelled back home they spread their new found knowledge with the rest of the world. In turn, the tradition became known all over the world and gained its popularity.

If giving flowers is the ultimate form of expression and natural art then The Flower Factory are proud to lead in preserving this, the last bastion of free expression and unrestricted communication.

A text may be quick, an email may be descriptive and a blog may be wordy, but even in today’s day of high tech communications and time saving devices, the art of flower giving remains one of the most treasured means of communication.



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